Adventures in Ecuador

In June 2014, John and I traveled to Cuenca, Ecuador to establish a community-based healing arts centre. Together with our dear friends, and knowledgeable colleagues, Henry Noel and Rita O’Donald, we dreamt of creating a vibrant clinic that would serve all members of our community; a place to practice and ultimately teach from. In October 2014, we opened the doors of the Cuenca Centro de Arte en Curación Oriental.

The Cuenca Center for Oriental Healing Arts was established under the umbrella company, Enfoquemecues CIA. LTDA. The entire process was a labor of love and many, many grueling hours were spent sitting in our Solicitor's office filing papers, translating documents and scribbling signatures before we were awarded our registered business and company licenses.

At the time we opened the clinic, it was legal to practice acupuncture in Ecuador with an apostiled Licentiate obtained in the U.S. or Europe. All of that was to change in few short months when the Ecuadorian government wrote into law that any acupuncturist practicing in Ecuador must hold a Doctor of Medicine degree. The line was drawn in the sand and in June 2015 we regrettably closed our doors.

Despite our short time in Ecuador, we were blessed to forge many strong connections with the people who walked through our clinic doors. We look forward to sharing some of these stories in future blog posts. For now, here are some pictures of our beautiful clinic in Cuenca, Ecuador.

In Good Health,
Erin & John